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Ultra Media Marketing is a Web Design and SEO Consultant Company situated in Bastrop, Texas. Ultra Media Marketing is Waco’s premier Web Design and SEO Consultant Company.

We have the passion of turning people’s ideas into reality. That is why with our team of experts, we have been providing unbeatable services for the people of Bastrop, Elgin, Smithville, Lockhart, Austin and beyond.Learn more about our services

SEO & Online Marketing

It is no longer breaking news the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in internet business. SEO techniques are ways by which a web page is made to rank high (be among the top results) on search engines using some techniques to generally influence the website ranking. When a search is made on a search engine such as Google, the submitted query is searched through millions of websites on the internet through programs (spider and crawler) using specialized algorithms. More on SEO & Marketing..

Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a concept by which web pages are designed to best suit various viewing environment. The term which became popular in year 2012, is a way of designing a web page that is view-able across many devices ranging from small screen mobile devices to computers with the ability of the web page to adjust itself to screen resolution of the viewing machine providing a good viewing experience. More on responsive website design

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  • Google Places
  • Social Media
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Email Campaigns

Ultra Media Marketing will optimize you Google Places listing to help you get seen by clients. Contact us  for profession photography services and ask about Photosphere this technology allows clients to take a 360 degree virtual tour of your business from Google Maps.

Benefits of Google Places

• It is another way to rank high on Google Search Engine if well optimized.
• It provides potential clients with visual description of your business location
• Potential buyers find your contact details fast
• You know what people think about your services or products as they have the opportunity to post reviews.
• People can see what your store looks like since you can post photos and videos about your business.
Setting up Google Places for your business is easy and not time consuming but to be ranked high on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), your Google Places Page must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) by
• stating clearly your exact location (that is town/city, state/region, country and zip code) as this will serve as keywords that will be used by Google.
• knowing the keywords people use when searching for the type of service you render and incorporating them into your Google Places Page in a way that aid your ranking.
• updating your information time to time.
• linking your website to your local page.
Optimizing your Google Places or Local page is the only way to be ranked high on the SERP and to get high traffic.
more information on Google Places

Social Media has greatly impacted the ranking of web contents on search engines. The way social media such as Facebook and Twitter influences the SERPs listing cannot be over emphasized because both Google and Bing use social media gathered information to rank your website. Social media creates an avenue to promote a particular product’s or service’s name thereby building a potential link, increasing the overall profile link of the product and therefore contributing to SEO impact. Also, Google+ activities and review affect Search Engine results. For instance, when a particular product is searched by a person having a friend on social media such as Google+ who has already written about the product, the information written by the friend comes first on SERP because of the connection between them.
From research, it was gathered that Moz (moz.com), a link builder and SEO analyst got ranked on Google when they were being publicized by Smashing Magazine. Shrushti (shrushti.com), a PPC company in India also moved from 400 to 1 on Google SERP due to the impact of social media.

Ultra Media Marketing can put together a campaign to promote your site on social media such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter to increase your ranking on SERPs.

Pay per click (PPC) is a common term that keeps coming your way almost every time you search for a way to promote your business on the internet but many people do not understand it properly. PPC is an advertising model on the internet used to direct traffic to websites and the traffic provider get paid on per click basis. PPC has been in existence since 2002 and has been a major source of driving traffics. read more about ppc advertising.

Bring your campaign and business promotion to life by sending outstanding emails to potential customers. Email campaign benefits your business in many ways. It provides you with a cheap way of advertising your business to targeted leads and with high return on investment. Let Ultra Media Marketing help you on this by designing email contents that are easy to navigate, viewable on all devices and effective. We are a team of experts that have only one goal of promoting your business the best way ever and to make your business be ahead of competitors.
With our team of specialists, our clients enjoy the following benefits of our Email Campaign System.

  • Low cost email campaign packages
  • Personalized email content with take an action links
  • We target the leads that are interested in your brands
  • An effective email content that will always call for readers taking action to get to your landing page
  • Results in no time (within 24 hours)
  • Higher percentage on Return on Investment in a short period of time
  • 24/7 customer care service

Email Campaigns