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Google Places


Internet marketing has made it possible to easily find any product or service online and people prefer getting what they want online because it is easy and convenient. From research, thousands of searches are made every beautiful day on search engines by people looking for one service (and/or product) or the other. They prefer getting good and convincing information about the service provider before going for their services or visiting their office. The numbers of businesses – both big and small on the internet are increasing every day hence; competitors are coming into the marketing web on daily bases. Staying ahead of your competitors is therefore an inevitable task.
One of the best ways to be ahead is for your business to be listed on Google Places. Google Places is a service by Google that allows your business to be listed on Google Maps so that you can be located easily by your customers or clients. It is a free and easy to setup service which allows people to put their business on the internet for people in their locality to easily locate them.

Ultra Media Marketing will optimize you Google Places listing to help you get seen by clients. Contact us  for profession photography services and ask about Photosphere this technology allows clients to take a 360 degree virtual tour of your business from Google Maps.

Benefits of Google Places

• It is another way to rank high on Google Search Engine if well optimized.
• It provides potential clients with visual description of your business location
• Potential buyers find your contact details fast
• You know what people think about your services or products as they have the opportunity to post reviews.
• People can see what your store looks like since you can post photos and videos about your business.
Setting up Google Places for your business is easy and not time consuming but to be ranked high on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), your Google Places Page must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) by
• stating clearly your exact location (that is town/city, state/region, country and zip code) as this will serve as keywords that will be used by Google.
• knowing the keywords people use when searching for the type of service you render and incorporating them into your Google Places Page in a way that aid your ranking.
• updating your information time to time.
• linking your website to your local page.
Optimizing your Google Places or Local page is the only way to be ranked high on the SERP and to get high traffic.