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The Latest SEO Trends for 2014

By on Sep 30, 2014 in SEO |

The last was a year marked by many enhancements in terms of the technologies implemented through the Internet. We are already more than a half to this current year; therefore, it would be noteworthy to take a brief review on the latest SEO trends made available for the year 2014. These trends are considered very effective and are currently being implemented among many businesses, regardless of their size.

With the purpose of retaining important results and eliminating the existence of unethical strategies, search engines have continuously updated and reformulated their SEO algorithms. Google, for instance, has updated their standards, and currently, marketing consultants, as well as business owners now find it difficult to keep up with their higher benchmark. In order to keep up with this, certain trends were introduced in order to optimize online resources.

Mobile Optimization

This year, more and more smartphones and other mobile devices have been introduced to the mainstream market. As a result, a heightened importance is currently being placed on these devices. And now websites are created in a way that they are optimized to deal with any type of browsing, regardless of the device where it is viewed from. Responsive web design, as well as the use for CSS, allows usage on different browsers, templates, and devices.

Content Marketing

Gone are the days when mere content writing and keyword stuffing ruled many websites. The purpose of that strategy was just to fit search engines, but they do not really offer quality. In lieu of that, content marketing is implemented and has been playing a bigger role in the determination of SEO success. Content marketing covers content update frequency, content quality, field authority, and content sharing.
Based on these mentioned categories, the content of the website has to be developed in a very high standard compared to what was, usually, done before. At this point, social media are also playing a very important role. The more people who share your article through their social media pages, the more favorable your position will be in the eyes of search engines.

These days, Google is intently focusing its attention to the content authors, observing how reputable they are. If the very same author posts low-quality articles in various locations all over the web, Google has the authority to flag content. In content marketing, all these categories should be given utmost attention, and quality of content is given priority than just focusing on quantity. In line with this, the need to hire professionals in SEO trends and strategies continue to be of great help to various businesses who want to be successful in their online endeavor. These companies are constantly updated to the trends in the SEO world.