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Google Panda 4.1 Update

By on Oct 6, 2014 in SEO |

The best thing about Panda 4.1 is the fact that if you were hit by the previous Panda updates, but made the necessary adjustments to your site, you will be able to see an increase in traffic. The new update will also impact new sites that weren’t hit by the previous Panda versions. This basically means that if your site will receive less traffic than expected in the upcoming period, then the Panda update is most likely to blame for this.
Panda 4.1 is coming at exactly 4 months after the previous update, which makes us think that Google tries to implement a quarterly update cycle for the Panda algorithm.
According to some early reports, the sites that have an increase in traffic are mostly content and download portal realms as well as news sites. Unfortunately, medical content sites, lyrics and game websites are losing quite a lot of traffic. It seems that one of the websites which was continually hit by Panda, Ehow.com is still losing search engine rankings. Alongside that, Hallmark.com has also lost quite a lot of search engine ranks as well.
The Panda 4.1 began to roll out last week and it will continue to bring its modifications within the next two weeks at least.
It seems that around 3% to 5% of all queries will be affected by the new updates, and the percentage will differ mostly based on location. However, the results are certainly going to have a large impact, especially since Google will continue to release Panda updates in the years to come, ensuring that the content quality will increase for all websites and the clones or duplicates will most likely disappear.
We consider the Panda 4.1 update to be a very good step in the right direction as through it sites with low quality content will, once again, be sent to the end of the search engine results. This ensures us that we will receive only high quality content in front, something that improves our web experience.