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Social Media

Social Media has greatly impacted the ranking of web contents on search engines. The way social media such as Facebook and Twitter influences the SERPs listing cannot be over emphasized because both Google and Bing use social media gathered information to rank your website. Social media creates an avenue to promote a particular product’s or service’s name thereby building a potential link, increasing the overall profile link of the product and therefore contributing to SEO impact. Also, Google+ activities and review affect Search Engine results. For instance, when a particular product is searched by a person having a friend on social media such as Google+ who has already written about the product, the information written by the friend comes first on SERP because of the connection between them.
From research, it was gathered that Moz (moz.com), a link builder and SEO analyst got ranked on Google when they were being publicized by Smashing Magazine. Shrushti (shrushti.com), a PPC company in India also moved from 400 to 1 on Google SERP due to the impact of social media.

Ultra Media Marketing can put together a campaign to promote your site on social media such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter to increase your ranking on SERPs.