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Responsive Web Design is a concept by which web pages are designed to best suit various viewing environment. The term which became popular in year 2012, is a way of designing a web page that is viewable across many devices ranging from small screen mobile devices to computers with the ability of the web page to adjust itself to screen resolution of the viewing machine providing a good viewing experience.

Responsive Web Design gives a web developer the opportunity to have a single website which can be viewed over many devices with different screen size without losing its structure or design. It makes use of media queries to detect the screen resolution of the viewing device. The web content then re-organizes itself adapting the layout of the device by using resizable images, fluid and grids.

Responsive Web Design with a good User Interface (UI) is important in the modern world of web development. UI is the space where interactions occur between a machine and humans. A good UI create visual appeal to viewers irrespective of the device they use. A well-tailored UI with good layout, right color combination and mixing, and type (font family) entice the viewer or interface user to calmly read the web content.


You reach out to more viewers (mobile and tablet users)
Research has shown that people spend more time with their mobiles than with computers. About 60% of people who access the internet everyday make use of mobile devices. Therefore having a website that is well visible over mobile devices and tablets increases the number of people who access the website.

Increases sales and conversion rates
A responsive website with good UI will bring about more sales since the site is suitably and conveniently viewable on many devices. This surely helps websites that need leads on product sales and promotions to get more visitors hence, more sales.

It saves your time and cost
Developing websites for both computer and mobile devices are costly and time consuming. A new domain name is also required for the mobile web page. But a responsive website only uses one domain name and since it is only a website, it is cost effective and safe time. A responsive design web page is easier to maintain and manage.

Increases your ranking on search engines
Responsive design means you have one website that can be viewed on many devices. This gives you enough time to maintain and optimize it for high ranking on search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is time consuming and costly but by designing a responsive website, all efforts and resources can be focused on the website for best result.

Stay competitive or even ahead in your business
In today’s business, one has to stay ahead of competition. If more people are using mobile devices to do business online, then you have to create a website that will make them access your products easily else you fall down the pecking order in the business world and you lose out on potential customers.


People access the internet with the device they desire. Through findings, the number of people accessing the internet with mobile devices is increasing. Therefore, there is need for cost effective, search engine optimized, user friendly website that is accessible with good viewing experience on all platforms. This is where Responsive Design with a good User Interface comes into play as it renders everything needed to stay ahead of competitors.